Scuba Diving in Devil’s Wall, Dog Island, Anguilla

Maximum Depth:
Average Water Temperature:
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Drift, Reef
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Dog Island is situated on the north-western side of the island of Anguilla. Anguilla is lying in the north of Saint Martin and east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Anguilla belongs to the Leeward Islands, being situated where the northeastern Caribbean Sea meets with the western Atlantic Ocean.

Devil’s Wall is one of the best reef in Anguilla. It is located on the eastern side of Dog Island. Devil’s Wall is a dive spot, suitable for divers when weather conditions allow for. That means that if water currents are strong, scuba diving could be difficult and dangerous to be performed. That happens especially during the winter months. As this drift dive has many requirements, it would be difficult for novices. Expert divers would be more able to cope with the challenges of the spot. Nevertheless you may dive with experienced instructors that will guide you and give you the appropriate tips in order to be safe.

The maximum depth of Devil’s Wall dive site is at 30.5 m/100 ft, while the average depth is at about 20 m/65.6 ft. The average water temperature is 25˚C/77˚F. The temperature is usually from 1-2 points higher than water’s. Devil’s Wall is an amazing dive spot with an amazing marine life. Divers may see many kinds of sharks like black tip reef sharks, nurse sharks, lemon sharks and tiger sharks. Also turtles, barracuda, eagle rays and southern sting rays with a great collection of  hard and soft colorful corals.