Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Savannah Bay, Anguilla, Anguilla

Minimum Temperature:
Wind Direction:
High Season:
December-March, June to July
Kitesurfers' Level:
All levels
Savannah Bay is lying on the southeastern coast of Anguilla. Anguilla is a very popular destination for sun-lovers, and of course for kitesurfers. The island is located on the northern Caribbean, on the west of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Anguilla is situated in the northern of the island of Saint Martin.

Savannah Bay is lying between Sile Bay and Windward Point Bay. The direction of the wind is mainly eastern. The speed of the winds varies during the year. The maximum wind speed is about 25 knots. That happens between December and March as well as during June and July. Although the beach is safe for kite-surfing, these periods are ideal mostly for experienced kite-surfers. During the rest of the year, the wind is weak and about 16 knots.

Styles that kite-surfers usually try is freestyle, free-ride and bump and jump. The hurricane period (August to December) is when unpredictable forecasts may prevent kite-surfers from enjoying the wind. Fortunately, Anguilla is not an island that can strongly be influenced by rainstorms. The temperature is about 26˚C/78.8˚F in winter and about 29.5˚C/85˚F in summer. The water temperature averages to 26.5˚C/79.7˚F during all year.

The turquoise water and the white sandy beach of Savannah Bay will absolutely seduce your senses.