Scuba Diving in Listvyanka, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Oblast of Irkutsk Russia

Dive type:
Fresh water, wall diving, rock formations, drifting
20-25 m/65-82 ft
Lake Baikal is a rift lake, situated in the south of the region of Siberia, between the Republic of Buryatiya to the southeast and the Irkutsk Oblast to the northwest.

Ancient travelers were convinced that Lake Baikal was a gigantic inland sea, mesmerized by its impossible vastness. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the deepest, largest and oldest lake formed 25 million years ago.

This incredible lake is breathtaking from the outside and absolutely beautiful from the inside. The underwater realm of Lake Baikal is a world like no other, with primitive alien-like life forms and rocks, resembling a fantasy land and the best way to see all these is scuba diving.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s team dived here and were overwhelmed by the beauty that seems to come from another world, the live colors, abyssal walls, dramatic canyons, beautifully colored sponge gardens and even the remains of a sunken railway. This amazing lake is home to more than 1550 animal species and 1085 species of plants, over 80% of which are found nowhere else. Dive to see this miracle and you will never be bored with what the lake has to offer.

If you wish a more relaxing dive, stay near the shore and observe the funny fishes hiding between the stones and in the sand or marvel at the rich bushes of sponges. If you feel like experiencing an underwater hiking tour, you should definitely visit the rock formations.

If you are eager to look into the abyss, you should try wall diving or just go away from the wall to experience sheer flight in the water with no floors and no walls. Quite often the lake surprises you with findings such as coins, anchors or even belongings from old ships.

If you are tired of making effort and need some rest, try drifting in currents and then get back and continue exploring the area. Some of the scuba diving schools offer 6 day adventures, in order to fully enjoy the underwater nature.

Typically, the water temperature ranges between 8-16°C/46.4-60.8°F in summer and between 1-5°C/33.8-41°F in winter. It is recommended to bring your own wetsuit or drysuit, depending the season.

Visibility also ranges along with depth and season, so it is suggested to consult the diving schools and decide which season you want to dive. Diving Lake Baikal is an awesome experience, as it offers many different routes for you to choose the one that suits you best!