Scuba Diving in Atlantis Reef, Ponta Do Ouro, Maputo Mozambique

Water Temperatures:
Ponta Do Ouro is the southern most village in Mozambique and is a popular holiday destination. It lies on the Mozambique Channel, southern of Maputo and just northern of the border with South Africa. Ponta Do Ouro boasts pristine beaches and is well known for its long stretches of white beaches. There are no tarred roads, therefore it is only accessible by 4x4 vehicles.

The Atlantis reef is one of the deepest with a reef structure similar to a sunken city. Diving is very popular and mostly conducted during the months of October to April, however even in winter months the spot can be dived when waters are relatively much cooler. The reef is characterized by huge square boulders, whip coral growing out of crevices and green coral trees.

Water temperatures range between 20-26°C/68-78.8°F with diving depths standing at between 35-48 m/115-157 ft. Some of the marine life expected includes potato bass, triggerfish, swarms of small fish just to mention a few.