Snowboarding in Sable Mountain (Baikalsk-Sobolinaya), Baikalsk, Siberia, Oblast of Irkutsk Russia

Maximum elevation:
500 m/1640 ft
Highest mark:
1004 m/3293 ft
Beginning of November to beginning of May
Lake Baikal is a rift lake situated in the south of the region of Siberia, between the Republic of Buryatiya to the southeast and the Irkutsk Oblast to the northwest.

If you are a snowboarding enthusiast and you want to perform your tricks in Siberia, there is an awesome ski resort on one of the shores of the world famous Lake Baikal. Sable Mountain resort is situated on the Sable mountain and it is a beautiful area full of fresh, frozen air and snow.

The average air temperature in winter is -10 to -15 °C/14 – 5 °F and in the velvet season (April – May) -3 °C/26.6 °F. Snowboarding in the world class resort of Baikalsk – Sobolinaya is mythical. It is like the place was meant for this purpose.

The ski resort is a complete network of certified slopes and lifts and offers services, as rentals, bars and restaurants, sports shop, qualified instructors and ski patrol. The resort is extremely popular, just imagine that the bandwidth of the resort exceeds daily 3500 people. The runs are 12 and longer than 15 km/9.5 mi.

The lifts are 8 and they include a chairlift. If you are into freeride snowboarding, the locals are quite active in this area and nearby mountains. A more interesting feature is that the resort gives a real chance to feel like a snob, as it rents an entire run just for you!

For the freestylers, there is a big air at the mountains bottom and some spots in the forest. Bear in mind that the resort is the only place in Siberia, where you can rent hardboot snowboard equipment.