Scuba Diving in Gili Tepekong – The Canyon, Karangasem, Bali Indonesia

Dive type:
Drift, wall, deep, cave, sharks, big fishes, reef
10 - 30 m/33 - 98.5 ft
1-2 knots/1.85-3.7 kph
Karangasem Regency is a regency of Bali, Indonesia. The east side of Bali is its place of coverage and the regency seat is Amlapura. Part of this regency is the scuba diving spot of Gili Tepekong.

Gili Tepekong is a spot with many different dive types and this is the reason it attracts so many divers. Drift dive, wall, deep, cave, sharks, big fishes or reef, whatever your type is, you will find it in Gili Tepekong. You may also hear the spot mentioned as Kambing.

It is situated east of Badang Bai, in front of the Bugbug point. The canyon is on the southwest side. The spot is accessible only by boat and it is easy to find with a good boating time of about 30 minutes. The quality of the dive site is good with an interesting bio life. If you want to visit this site, keep in mind that you should be experienced, as the level of experience is CMAS **/AOW and above.

Average depth of the site is 15 m/49.2 ft and reaches to a maximum of 25 m/82 ft. Currents are medium of about 1-2 knots/1.85-3.7 kph and the visibility is good at 10 – 30 m/33 – 98.5 ft depth. Bear in mind that currents are dangerous and big depth too, so please be extra cautious.

Other dive site activities are marine biology, orientation and photography. The spot is beautiful and you have many diving options here. You can choose whichever suits you most!