Rafting in The Big Irkut, Siberia, Oblast of Irkutsk Russia

About 6 days
Previous experience:
Intermediate to Expert
Irkut River is a river situated in the Republic of Buryatiya and the Oblast of Irkutsk. The river is Angara’s left tributary. Irkut River freezes up in late October - mid November and stays in that condition until late April - early May.

Baikal area has the best rafting rivers, boisterous rapids, splashes of water and foaming cataracts, all waiting for you! One of the best places to raft is the entire Irkut River.

All you need is your positive energy, raft, tour team and skillful instructors that will guide you through this rafting adventure.

The pure air, the unspoiled beauty of Baikal nature and the adrenaline rush make an unbeatable combination for a unique rafting experience. Irkut River is basically a calm river, but without losing mountain character.

The entire expedition lasts 6 amazing days, full of grade 3-4 rapids adventure. The entire Irkut River, or as it is also known the Big Irkut, is a total 150 km/93.3 mi river of crystal clear, frozen in many parts water.

Dashing landscapes and rough exercise are the main characteristics of the route, which is highly recommended to all athletes, who love water sports. The good thing about rafting is that it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or not.

Rafting on Big Irkut is suitable for all levels, always with a guide. If you want to try this adventure on your own, it is suggested to have some previous experience. However, the river is unpredictable, so never try this alone.

The Big Irkut sounds scary!!! Are you ready to conquer its waters?