Mountain Biking in Harpers Loop, North Little Rock, Arkansas USA

37 mi / 59.5 km
116 ft / 35.36 m
Start elevation:
226 ft / 69 m
Max elevation:
272 ft / 83 m
North Little Rock is located across the picturesque Arkansas River in Pulaski County, Arkansas. North Little Rock is the state’s sixth-largest city that includes beautiful lakes, magnificent parks such as Dickey-Stephens Park (home of the Arkansas Travelers minor league baseball team), Burns Park (one of the USA largest parks), walking and bicycling trails, recreational and entertainment facilities which bloom throughout the city.

Harper’s Loop offers a smooth flat scenic ride into the classic Arkansas Delta area and past some picturesque scenery such as pecan groves and cotton fields. The long version is a 37 mi / 59.5 km signed cycling route, starting from the Arkansas River Trail in North Little Rock to end up in Hwy 165. The shorter route starts at the Plantation Agricultural Museum State Park, continues to England and by making it right onto Hwy 161, it ends up back to Scott.

Since it’s a flat ride –the entire 37 mi / 59.5 km  area hosts only 116 ft / 35.36 m of climbing- we suggest that you take the long version. Elevation starts at 226 ft / 69 m and reaches a maximum of 272 ft / 83 m, making it a well suited ride for any rider. Nonetheless don’t you ever think that because of its flatness, that the ride doesn’t present a challenge.

Some of the trail is on frequently traveled roads and the area is in the center of some strange meteorological phenomena that can be tricky. Due to the “setbacks” mentioned before, but also the length of the route, we suggest that you ride this one in a group. After all, you might want to have an extra challenge, like a race or somebody to take some shots of you riding past the beautiful scenery.