Scuba Diving in Wrightsville Beach, New Hanover, North Carolina USA

Maximum Depth:
85 ft / 25 m
20-30 ft / 6-9 m
Wave Quality:
Good Swell Direction:
Southeast, east, northeast
Good Wind Direction:
Northwest, west, southwest
If you want to feel the adventure and enjoy yourself in all fields, Wrightsville Beach is the most appropriate place to visit. If you remember the film ''Sleeping with the Enemy'' with Julia Roberts, visit this place and be witness of the movie setting. Wrightsville Beach is a town in New Hanover Country, North Carolina, United States.

Choose to spend your holidays at this place and you will never regret it. Nearby, there are a lot of hotels and restaurants where you can have fun and relax.  As for those who are interested in something different, scuba diving is the ultimate adventure that can challenge your limits in an outstanding underwater scenery. For an amazing activity, Wrightsville Beach provides you with the best weather conditions.

The spot’s maximum depth is at 85 ft / 25 m below sea level while the visibility range at 20-30 ft/6-9 m long. The wave’s type is beach-break, wave quality is normal, wave direction is right and wave bottom is sandy. Last but not least, while you scuba dive, you are kindly requested to respect the marine life without touching reefs or other sea creatures. Once the sun goes down, you can have some fun by exploring the beauty of this place. Fun in Wrightsville Beach is an indisputable fact!!!