Kayaking in Watergate Bay Beach, Newquay, South West England United Kingdom

Average Sea Temperature:
Beach Break
Right and Left
Newquay is a seaside town in Cornwall of England. Located on the North Atlantic coast, it is known for its splendid coastline. Newquay's nine gifted beaches is the reason why it is characterized as the major English center for the surf industry. The conditions are perfectly suitable for water activities and people there seem to be really imaginative in finding new types of extreme water sports, far different from the traditional way. Surf Kayaking is one of them.

Watergate Bay Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Cornwall, at about 3 mi/5 km from the center of Newquay. Surf Kayakers get the opportunity to enjoy the Atlantic’s swells in a stretch of over 2 mi/3.2 km long, since this is a large, open bay, suitable for all kinds of surfing.

Watergate Bay Beach is suitable for all surf kayakers, either experienced or not. Being fully exposed to the Atlantic ocean, it gives powerful waves, breaking both left and right, for short but intense hollow close outs or for long lazy rides. Most common are the groundswells and the best swell direction is right and left. The tide doesn’t affect the quality of the surf kayaking, although the waves vary, giving rides up to 50 m-100 m/164 ft-328 ft. As for the sea temperature, the highest one is around August and the coldest is around March. Good quality wetsuits with neoprene gloves and boots will be necessary, especially on the coldest period.

In Newquay you will find a wide range of hotels, restaurants and bars and of course, the suitable surf school and shops, which will help you leave your myth of surf kayaking.