Kayaking in Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia Australia

Vivonne Bay is located at 61 km/37 mi from Kingscote on the south coast of Kangaroo Island in South Australia. The spot was named by the French explorer Nicolas Baudin who visited the bay in January 1803.

According to a survey among 10,000 beaches, led by Professor Andrew Short, Sydney University’s marine studies center director, the beach at Vivonne Bay has been listed as the best in Australia. Paddle on up to 5 km/3 mi with your kayak in the ravishing and calm Harriet River with a variety of birds and other wildlife, easily to be observed. Relax as you enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Training schools on spot and experienced instructors will help you to launch your kayaks on the river. Kayaks, paddles and life jackets are provided, and dry bags are also available. There is a general store located on the South Coast Road, while Kangaroo Island SeaLink runs an outdoor education facility at short distance from the bay and Harriet River.

The Vivonne Bay Camping Ground, situated on Jetty Road, Vivonne Bay, is a unique camping area providing an ideal location for relaxation and easy access to the Western Kangaroo Island attractions. The Vivonne Bay Conservation Park extends westwards along the coast from the western end of the bay.