Paragliding in Petra Tou Romiou, Paphos, Cyprus

Skill level:
Intermediate and advanced
Best Season:
April to late October
Take off elevation:
GPS Coordinates:
34°39'46" N, 32°38'25" E
Paphos is a wonderful coastal city, located in the southwest side of Cyprus and considered as one of the most important ancient kingdoms of the island. The city, being divided in two levels where New Paphos represents the commercial part of the city and Old Paphos, the mythical birth place of goddess Aphrodite, is the main touristic destination, also included in the UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of the world's heritage.

Paphos is gifted with a Subtropical Mediterranean climate with warm and rainy winters and an average temperature at 12 °C/54°F and hot and humid summers, with an average temperature at 32°C/89°F, with frequent heatwaves in  July and August.

Paragliding in Cyprus is a relatively new activity. However the island offers more than enough paragliding spots and the sports is rapidly growing. One of the locations that combine amazing views with great fun is Petra Tou Romiou site, which is said to be the place that goddess Aphrodite was born.

The take off point is set at a height of 298.5 ft/91 m, on a large flat area over the main road. Once you are up in the air, the views are magnificent and while soaring, you can admire the big blue sea along with the coastline, the sparkling sun and the surrounding area.

 The wind direction is usually coming from south, southwest all year round. However the best time to paraglide this spot is from April to late November when the thermal winds gently lift you higher and flying becomes smoother. Note that this spot is small but quite famous among paraglides, so it might get crowded especially on weekends. There are many landing areas to choose from such as the parking lots on the main road, or the beach. Keep in mind that the beach is narrow and is surrounded by a steep hill, so extra caution is needed if you choose to land there.