Kayaking in Carpinteria State Beach, Santa Barbara, California USA

In Carpinteria City
Carpinteria State Beach is a protected beach in the state park of Carpinteria. It is located in the city of Carpinteria, at 12 mi/19.3 km south of Santa Barbara.

It is a retro beach and town, reminiscent of the 1950’s. It is full of natural bluffs, seal rookery and wetlands. When a visitor is walking through the trail, he/she is surrounded by intoxicating scents of eucalyptus, ocean and wild foliage alongside with the chilling sounds of the waves, children that are laughing, frog serenade in the lagoon, happy dogs and even the passing trains.

Kayakers find the ocean off the beach tempting. Classes are taught by experienced instructors in the Carpinteria City during all week in summer. If you paddle for a quarter of a mile, you find a shallow rocky reef. Kayakers meet a lot of sea animals such as seals, whales and dolphins. It is a perfect way to observe sea life and get some exercise.