Kayaking in Whale Road, Côte Nord du Golfe du Saint Laurent, Quebec Canada

Peak season:
April to September
Whale Road is a region, which is located at the border of St-Lawrece and at 1250 km/776 mi from Tadussac to Black-Sablon. In Whale Road, you will have the opportunity to see 13 different species of whales and many ships passing by your side. This opportunity is also given to those who don't perform any activity.

In the Gulf of St-Lawrence and in the Estuary waters, you will be amazed observing the blue whales. This area attracts many people from all over the world, especially those who are interested in discovering the marine environment. It is an area that has something to offer to anyone. Visiting this area is completely exceptional, as there are excellent conditions for the best kayaking ever.

It also widely known that this place has been accredited as one of the best places for watching whales, practicing best sea activities and exploring the natural beauty. The appropriate season to exercise kayaking is from April to September. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy yourself visiting the sightseeing of this place and having fun in one of the most impressive cafes, restaurants and accommodations that you easily find nearby.