Kayaking in Lester River, Duluth, Minnesota USA

White Water Kayaking:
Skill Level:
Mostly advanced kayakers
Duluth is a seaport city in the state of Minnesota and the county seat of Saint Louis County. It is located at the westernmost point of the Great Lakes, on the north shore of Lake Superior. Lester River is a 19.3 mi (31.1 km) long tributary of Lake Superior, in northeastern Minnesota. It flows for its entire length in southern Saint Louis County.

Are you ready to feel the adrenaline at the highest level? If yes, then a visit at Lester River, Duluth, Minnesota is well worth it. The reality of Lester River is superior to anything that might have crossed your mind.

Along the North Shore of Lake Superior, there are many streams like Lester River. Lester River has a stretch of 2 mi/3.22 km long. It is mostly addressed to advanced kayakers, as according to American Whitewater it is a class IV-V section of whitewater. The driest month is February and most of the rain falls throughout June.

Your activity will get more challenging, while descending a 20 ft/6 m waterfall and fighting with rapids. Once you descend this waterfall, many volunteers will be ready to prevent any injury. It is certain that the full of chocolate-brown river’s construction and the scenic beauty of St. Louis County will impress you. So, pitch a tent at a nearby campground and take as much time as you need, in order to explore this amazing spot.

Furthermore, a lot of races take place on Lester River, where many professional kayakers share their passion. Whether the water is high or not, Lester River remains an irresistible temptation for all daredevil whitewater kayakers!!!