Kayaking in Back Bay, Biloxi, Mississippi USA

Difficulties :
Windy, Choppy
Dangers :
Biloxi is nowadays the fifth largest city in Mississippi. Although it has suffered severe damages by the hurricane Katrina, most of which are restored and it can now provide many recreational activities in parks, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts.

Biloxi is bounded on the north by the Back Bay, which stretches out for almost 16 km/10 mi before turning into the Big Lake that later thins down to Bernard Bayou. At the point Back Bay narrows, there are some islands and a couple of bridges. The first bridge separates Back Bay from Big Lake. Those are some of the places you are going to see, if you decide to take your kayak and start paddling along the Back Bay. A beautiful place to explore that only residents have the chance to take advantage of, since it is very little known for kayaking.

The most difficult part of your kayaking trip is paddling on the Big Lake, as it tends to be windy and choppy. At the inland end of Big Lake is Bernard Bayou, where you should search for the opening that will  lead you to multiple smaller waterways that are ideal to be explored by kayak. Bernard Bayou is the safer place to paddle, as it is far more protected than the rest of Back Bay. It is also the most populated and you will find houses along most of its shores, where residents tend to fish from the docks of their homes.

Needless to say that this specific spot is not served by rental shops or schools, which means that you have to be an experienced paddler to visit it. It is relatively warm with lots of sunshine, even during winter and the water is rather warm and protected. You have to be very careful and aware of tides, as you might get caught while the tide rolls in. If you decide to explore this spot, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience. Just don’t forget to bring your own equipment.