Skate Boarding in Harrison County Skate Park, Gulfport, Mississippi USA

Admission Fee:
$5 for outdoor facilities
Skate Street Course, Mini Ramp, Quarter Pipe, Spine, Bowl
Wood, Metal, Pavers
Gulfport is the second biggest city in the state of Mississippi. It was founded by William H. Hardy and Joseph T. Jones, who widened the harbor in Gulfport and opened the channel to the sea. In 1902 the harbor became a working seaport that nowadays brings millions of dollars in the Mississippi state. Due to its long, white sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and its Coast Casinos, Gulfport is a great tourism destination.

Since the ’70s, many skateparks have been constructed throughout the world, as the number of skaters continues to grow. Unfortunately, not all states have public skateparks and Gulfport is no exception. So, if you live in Gulfport or just visiting, you should go to the Harrison County Skate Park and use the outdoor facilities. It is a good park with some great features for all skill levels. After all you won’t practice only wheelie, pivot and hippie jump.

Skate Street Course, Mini Ramp, Quarter Pipe, Spine and Bowl ramps are offered, in order to practice your Ollie, Air, Grab, Lip Trick and Invert/Handplant and Footplant skateboarding tricks. Three different types of construction terrain will motivate you for different tricks and these are Wood, Metal and Paver. Bare in mind that protective gear should be worn at all times.

Pro or not, Harrison County Skate Park is the perfect place for fun or practice. Just roll your skateboard and enjoy!