Cliff Diving in Punchbowl Falls, Hood River, Oregon USA

Cliff elevation:
80 ft/24.3 m
Punchbowl Falls is located in Hood River County, on Eagle Creek, a magnificent place, which took its name from its resemblance to a bowl one pours punch into.

Painting a picture, water falls into a pool looking like a bowl through a narrow channel surrounded by cliffs.Very photographed due to its unique beauty and famous for another reason, cliff diving.

On its left side, there is a smooth area allowing you to stand and take a dive from there. The surrounding cliffs are more or less more than 80 ft/24.3 m and you should try it only if you are very confident and experienced cliff diver. On a good day, you can come along a lot of people around hiking, taking a swim or enjoying nature. If you are alone, it is not recommended trying the jump, but if you do, you should always check the bottom for possible obstacles before attempting the jump.