Cliff Diving in Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, São Miguel Island, Azores Portugal

Highest point:
Average water temperature:
Azores is a group of nine volcanic islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean. With a subtropical climate, fantastic mountains and beautiful beaches, Azores represent a world wide destination, suitable for many activities.

This autonomous group of islands, is divided in nine major islands and one of them is São Miguel which is also called “the Green Island”. Vila Franca do Campo is a small town, located in the southern part of the island. The nature around is heavily forested in most parts and the sea is just amazing. Across the town, there is a small islet that has the shape of a horse shoe and was created from a former volcano collapse.

This is where action begins for the cliff diving fans. The natural formations of the rock, where its highest point stands at 88.5 ft/27 m above the sea, gives you the opportunity to dive directly off the rock. The average temperature of the water during summer is 22°C/71.6°F while the temperature outside is around 25°C/77°F, thus perfect conditions prevailing for taking a big refreshing jump into the Atlantic Ocean.


The Red Bull World Series Cliff Diving competition takes place here every summer, where 14 of the best athletes of the world compete each others, while performing breathtaking acrobatics. There aren’t many places on earth that give you the chance to feel the thrill of jumping from a naturally made rock, right into the waters of the ocean.

In order to approach the small island, you can either charter a boat from Vila Franca do Campo or a kayak. Cliff diving off natural spots is a combination of flexibility, strength, air awareness and the ability to dance on air while falling. If you have those skills or want to brush them up, the island of Vila Franca do Campo is the right place.