Cliff Diving in Strjidom Tunnel, Hoedspruit, Limpopo South Africa

Heights :
1-8m/3.2- 26ft
Duration :
5 hours
Limpopo is the northernmost province of South Africa and named after the second biggest river in Africa, River Limpopo. It borders with Botswana to the West, Zimbabwe to the North and Mozambique to the East. Characterized by primeval indigenous forests, majestic mountains and unspoilt natural setting, it is an adventure seeker's haven.

The Strjidom Tunnel borders the Mpumalanga province and is at 28 km/17 mi away from Hoedspruit. This adventure is action from the word go and there is denying the adrenalin rush!! The tantalizing adventure begins with a hike down the Olifants River banks while passing a magnificent waterfall and some mesmerizing caves.

The jumping heights range from 1-8 m/3.2-26 ft into crystal clear mountain spring water. The trip lasts 5 hours long and needs a minimum of 6 persons in order to make a booking. Another important thing to note is to remember to carry dry clothes and a towel.