Paintball in Red Line, Londrina, Parana Brazil

Londrina is a city, located in the State of Parana, in the Southern Region of Brazil, at 369 km/229 mi away from the capital Curitiba. In Londrina you can enjoy one of the most amazing paintball activities in a true war-battle zone of Red Line field.

There are several reasons for a tourist to choose Londrina for his vacation, although it is not so advertised. One may admire the beauty of Lake Igapo or the scenery of Parque Municipal Arthur Thomas as well as enjoy a stroll at the huge sidewalk of Calcadao or a visit in the Historical Museum. But if all these sound kind of tedious to you, who want the fusion of adrenaline in your blood, there is good news for you, too. Londrina is famous for its paintball facilities.

The Red Line Paintball field offers the excitement you need. Red Line provides you with all the necessary equipment and a quite large territory, in which you can feel the sense of adventure and excitement that this sport offers, without running any real risk.

The common maximum capacity is 10 persons per battle, so just bring your gang and pick up your camp. Some extra protective equipment is usually provided to women while you should always bear in mind that no physical contact between the participants is allowed. The victory cannot be shared and the winner takes it all.