Paintball in Dyce, Aberdeen, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

rees, artificial hiding corners
You can enjoy on your own or with your friends a joyful paintball session next to Aberdeen city. Not far from the Aberdeen airport, there is a site, suitable to host groups for paintball.

The area is called Dyce and it is 10 km/6 mi from Aberdeen’ s city center. You need to book your place in advance so as to have an adventurous weekend, full of paintball game scenarios provided by the club. You can choose your date by choosing in which scenario you want to fit in. The site provides numerous trees and artificial hiding corners.

All the precautions are taken into consideration and the player must agree with a list of rules as elaborated by the club.  Prices vary depending on the quantity of paint-balls. Accommodation if needed is provided within the site in affordable price.

However you may stay in Aberdeen city where there are good bargains for room renting and it is not far away from the paintball site.