Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

Best winds:
Northeast to southerly
Kite surfing in Aberdeen is a unique experience. A 18 km/11.5 mi of long coastline with sandy beaches can definitely come up with the most demanding kite-surfer's expectations.

Bridge of Don is located at 8 km/4 mi in the north of Aberdeen city. It is a beach appropriate for hosting both beginners and advanced practitioners, depending on weather conditions.

Easy access to the beach is by car. Best wind direction for practice is northeast to southerly. Whatever your skill level is, you should bear in mind that while being on the beach, you might come along concrete blocks on the left side of the spot, left since the World War II, thus not apparent at high tides or even beneath the sand.

With proper weather conditions, someone can kite surf on huge waves, but be careful as wind can reach up to 64.4 kph/40 mph. Professional instructors will assist you with all the necessary training that you need, even if you are a beginner.