Paintball in Krem, Sankt Poelten, Lower Austria Austria

Field size:
24000 m²/258333 ft²
Playing fields:
2, speedball, house fighting system
Sankt Poelten is geographically situated in northern Austria, north of the Alps and south of the Wachau. It is Lower Austria’s State largest city and its capital city. Sankt Poelten has its own status, so it is both a district and a municipality in the Mostviertel.

Sankt Poelten is a big modern city, where you can find a big sporting activity. One sport that is particularly popular is paintball. Paintball is being practiced in Krem, at 22 minutes-drive in the north of Sankt Poelten. It is an outdoor playing field of 24000 m² /258333 ft² size, including two playing fields.

Playing fields are a speed-ball terrain and a house fighting system terrain. There are wooden houses around, reminding you of a small village, underground tunnels, bridges and covers. There are two sides of the so called starting zone, where the two teams are playing against each other.

In the middle of the field, there is a small valley which can be reached either through the underground tunnel or by outgoing. The flagpole with the flag for the popular game ”capture the flag” is placed on the bridge that crosses this valley.

In order to play paintball in this amazing field, you need to book an appointment beforehand. Please bear in mind that you will have to bring an ID card with you as well as clean clothes. Military clothes are not allowed.