Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Mojacar, Almeria, Andalusia Spain

Famous route:
Bedar old railway
Mojacar is a municipality, located in 90 km/56 mi away from the center, in the southwest of Almeria province. This village lies between Carboneras and Garrucha, bordering the Sierra Cabrena mountains and the Mediterranean sea. The village has been inhabited by Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans throughout the ancient times, leaving as a legacy behind their architecture style. The whole village is build on the top of the hill with white traditional buildings surrounded by a big labyrinth of small narrow streets.

The mountains in combination with the 17 km/10.5 mi seafront make it an excellent spot for hikers. Temperatures vary with colder months being from January to February and warmest ones July and August.

There are schools you can attend to and group trips for all ages. Plan a trip to Sierra Cabrera, an ecosystem in the mountain, with geological formations unique in Spain. Follow known routes to Bedar old railway, the orange grove, the fossil valley, treasure island and many more.

Don’t forget that visiting the natural Nature Reserve’s small beaches and bays is not possible by car, only by foot, so be prepared. Reasons why a hiker will love Mojacar: its old city street paths, the Mediterranean long coasts, and the mountain hill long walks.

Easy difficulty routes: Sopalmo – Rambla of Granatilla. Medium difficulty routes: Sendero La Mena – Macenas, Sopalmo – Adelfa, Suida al Picacho Mojacar Pueblo.