Canyoning in Canillas de Aceituno, Malaga, Andalusia Spain

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Moderate to high
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The rocky, sun-kissed region of Andalusia has so many things to offer, from bullfighting to flamenco and from breathtaking natural landscapes to more than a thousand flavors to taste. Malaga is located at the southern end of the coast of Andalusia, with ideal temperatures and landscapes to enjoy great experiences throughout the year.

Canillas de Aceituno is a small town of 42 km²/16.2 mi² in the Axarquia region of Malaga province. It is a town blessed with superb natural beauty. Surrounded by three natural parks, the Sierra de Tejeda, the Almijara and the Alhama Natural Park, Canillas de Aceituno is an ideal destination for active holidays.

Nestling at an altitude of 645 m/2116 ft on La Maroma, Axarquia’s highest mountain, and overlooking the stunning Lake Vinuela and the Mediterranean Sea, the little town of Canillas de Aceituno is the perfect place for outdoors activities and more specifically canyoning!

Found on the slopes of Malaga’s highest peak “La Maroma” is the Almanchares river, considered by many as one of the jewels of outdoor sports. Its gradually increasing flow, the naturally formed pools and slides and the beautiful waterfalls create an ideal setting to practice the adventurous sport of canyoning.

The natural canyon of Almaranches has small rappels varying between 4 and 12 m/13 to 39 ft high and many natural slides giving a feeling of a natural water park in the heart of Andalusia. The canyon has already hosted the Andalusian Championship back in 2011.

Though the 200 m/656 ft descent is a steep and vertical drop, the technical difficulty is considered to be moderate. Many of the jumps can be avoided, whereas the slides and general difficulty of this 1200 m/3937 ft long descent depend on the river’s flow.

Outdoor sports enthusiasts simply adore this spot, not just for its beauty and natural surroundings, but also for the feeling they get while passing through. The Almanchares River canyoning path is like nature’s own water park!

Why not visit and enjoy it yourself!!!