Le Parcour / Free Running in LEAP Parkour Park, Westminster, London United Kingdom

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Minimum age:
14 Years old
Westminster is an area in central London located in the north side of Thames River. As it is considered to be the twin city of ancient London, Westminster offers many historical and cultural sites for the visitor to admire.

The Westminster Abbey, the amazing Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, are only some of the places that attract tourists from all over the world.

Among the streets of this lively and energetic area in the heart of London, a unique park has recently opened its gates for the free running enthusiasts. As it is the first managed outdoor Parkour facility in the world, designed by experienced architects and practitioners, it is now the perfect spot to practice and train on your new moves and jumps before you hit the streets.

The park is very well designed for a lot of different kinds of movement and ideal for those who want to build up their skills and relate to the city’s everyday environment. The park also provides with excellent training programs for beginners from the qualified Parkour Generations instructors, waiting to introduce you to the free running world practices and teach you everything you need to know about this incredible extreme sport.

So, if you feel ready to make the jump and feel the adrenaline of running free into the city, while avoiding obstacles and climbing walls, LEAP Parkour Park is the place to be!