Climbing Walls in X-TREME Rock Climbing Center, Miami, Florida USA

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Outdoor lessons:
Miami is a gifted with tropical climate cosmopolitan city, located on the Atlantic coast. As it is considered to be America's top class resort city, with vibrant nightlife and endless international cultural happenings as well as top sport activities and events, Miami is a global destination for the outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Apart from the fact that the city is a must for water sports as it provides easy access into endless sandy beaches with sparkling waters, Miami also hosts amazing recreational sports centers within the city, that offer a wide variety of fun activities. Indoor rock climbing is one of them.

With an area of more than 14000 ft²/1300 m² of climbing, X-Treme rock climbing gym is one of the top of its kind in the country. Supporting many different kinds of climbing such as top roping, bouldering and lead climbing, this place is an indoor paradise for climbers.

Most of the routes change frequently and provide the climber with new and exciting climbs suitable for all skill levels. The spot is perfect for those willing to enter the rock climbing world before they hit the mountains and for those who wish to brush up their skills and improve their techniques in an indoor and safe environment.

The indoor climbing center offers lessons with experienced instructors, as well as yoga classes, free wi-fi and a shop to buy or rent all the necessary gear. There are also many climbing events and national competitions that take place in the gym, so do not hesitate and even if you are new to the sport, try this ultimate experience which by the way is a perfect work out.