Climbing Walls in Flagstaff Climbing, Flagstaff, Arizona USA

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Flagstaff is a wonderful city situated in northern Arizona, in the southwestern USA. It is also located south of the San Francisco Peaks, which is the highest mountain range in the state of Arizona.

The needs of Indoor Rock Climbers can be totally fulfilled in the famous Flagstaff Climbing, located in the historic Flagstaff, Arizona. What this spot does is to deeply understand your needs and completely cover them.

So, if you are one of those who flatter with the idea of climbing, you should definitely visit Flagstaff Climbing. It is an indoor climbing facility that offers everything climbers need. In over 7000 ft²/ 650 m² you can lead the ropes of climbing or learn how to become an expert of this enjoyable activity.

Flagstaff Climbing also offers an area which is tailored for children. In 2013 Flagstaff Climbing added a new bouldering gym with 2000 ft² / 185 m² of climbing. This gym is situated next to Paragon Athletics and Wanderlust Brewery. Top rope and bouldering are waiting for you to discover them. There is a rental shop in the gym that provides whatever is considered necessary for this activity.

The quality of climbing features and the well qualified staff make Flagstaff Climbing one of the most popular climbing destinations in Flagstaff.