Mountain Biking in Paisley Woods Bicycle Trail, Ocala National Forest, Florida USA

Trail length:
Best season:
Winter and Spring
Daytona Beach is located in Volusia County and is famous world wide among the race fans for the Daytona International Speedway. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the city hosts an amazing coastline and beautiful sandy beaches, attracting visitors from all over the states. It is also known for the hard packed sand on which you can drive your vehicle and visit restricted areas.

With a humid subtropical climate, the average temperatures during summer are 90°F/33°C with brief tropical storms and the average temperatures during winter are 70°F/21°C with light freezes.

However, there is a place not far from Daytona Beach, that is a paradise for nature lovers. Ocala National Forest is a huge national park with great historical, archaeological and botanical interest. Home to a wide variety of outdoor activities, this natural wonder is also home to the Paisley Woods Bicycle Trail, a true mountain bike adventure and one of the few in Florida.

The trail starts and ends Northwest of the town of Paisley and it is a 22 mi/35.4 km long loop ride. Suitable for all skill levels, the track is located in the Southeast corner of the National Park and takes you through dense forest, wildlife animals and rolling sand hills. As it is marked with yellow diamonds, it is easy to follow and there are openings that lead you to the Alexander Spring and Clearwater Lake, where you can stop to rest and admire the scenery.

Paisley Woods Bicycle Trail is a wonderful single track mountain bike adventure and a great way to discover the national park. You can ride this trail all year round. However the best season is from Winter to late Spring. Make sure that you stay on the mountain bike trail, respect the natural environment and if you ride during the deer hunting season (from December the 7th until February the 23rd), make sure you wear safety orange colored vest.