Climbing Walls in Deeside Activity Park, Aboyne, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

If you are inexperienced at indoor rock climbing, then Deeside activity park is suitable for you.

There, you can find a low-level bouldering wall with only few feet tall. That is why you don’t need any special equipment and no ropes. With the help of the instructors, you can learn quickly and easily the basis of rock climbing. Because of its low level difficulty, the wall is suitable for children training.

The park is also recommended for family weekends, as it provides other facilities such as restaurants and coffee shops. It is suggested that you make a reservation of an instructor over the phone beforehand. The park is open all week long and working hours are from 9 to 5.

Accommodation is convenient, as you may stay in Aberdeen city where there are good bargains for room renting and it is not far away from the Park.