Skate Boarding in The Chicken Coop Skatepark (Small Time Skatepark), Hammond, Louisiana USA

Type :
Riding surface:
Bowl surface:
4000 ft²/371.6 m²
Hammond is situated on the eastern side of the state of Louisiana, USA. It is the largest city in Tangipahoa Parish and the principal city of the Hammond Micropolitan Statistical Area.

One reason to visit Hammond, besides to admire the beautiful city, is to ride your skate board in one of the many skateparks located around the city. One of them, is pretty popular among skateboarders, who waited a long time to enjoy an indoor skatepark. The Chicken Coop Skatepark or Small Time Skatepark, is a recently remodeled skatepark located at Happywoods Road Extension.

The skatepark used to be an outdoor skatepark with many features, where a lot of skate boarding fanatics were riding like crazy on the concrete surface. Today, a new amazing indoor facility has come to replace this skateboarding frenzy area. The skating area is small, but many people from nearby cities commented on how well it flows and how enjoyable it is.

Skating surface is made out of wood, allowing your board to slide easier. Features can only be characterized as amazing, so this skatepark is ideal for any ambitious skate boarder! The 4000 ft²/371.6 m² wooden bowl is 8 ft/2.4 m deep and 5 ft/1.5 m shallow with bank gab, a flat rail, various ledges, flat bank style center with many different ledges, a doorway, a deathbox in case some of your really cool friends decide to show up and a wall ride over the quarters to channel.

In other words Small Time Skatepark equals Big Time Fun!!! Rolling with no ending for you and your friends in The Chicken Coop Skatepark!