BMX in Rommelshausen, Kernen, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany

Drops, Boxes, Wall-track, Raceline, Pump-track
15-200 cm / 6-78 in high
Kernen Town, at 14km/9mi in the east of Stuttgart, hosts an amazing 500 m²/5382 ft² outdoor dirtpark of Rommelshausen. This spots attracts the bravest BMX Dirt riders in the Baden Württemberg State, Germany and not only.

This place offers three lines, two drops of 0.5 m/1.5 ft and 1 m/3 ft, two boxes, one walltrack, a raceline and a pumptrack. It is the perfect place for beginners as they can learn here step by step all the basic skills of the sport.

As far as professionals are concerned, if they can jump the big tables then the route loses quickly its appeal. However, the tables are totally suitable for practicing tricks. The heights vary from 15 cm/6 in up to 200 cm/78 in. On Monday afternoons you will probably find training lessons for both beginners and advanced bikers. Unfortunately there is no equipment or shop exactly at the spot, but there is a bike store nearby.

Other facilities you can find at the park are parking places next to it and places suitable for having a break to rest or to watch your friends practicing, but even if you go alone, it’s for sure that you will find company as the park is usually visited by numerous bikers. The park maintenance is really expensive, but it is based on volunteer work, so if you are willing too, you can help or even donate for the care of the park.