Mountain Biking in Kerry Stamey Memorial Trail, Comite River Park, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

6 mi/9.6 km
Climb / descent:
+600 ft - 183 m / -600 ft - 183 m
Average speed:
6.1 mph/9.82 kph
Average time:
1 hr 29 min
Baton Rouge is situated in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA. It is the state's capital and the second largest city. The area also known as the “Capital City” rests in the southeast portion of the state along the Mississippi River.

Baton Rouge is known for its big variety of mountain biking circuits, allowing every mountain bike enthusiast of all levels to try his/her luck on some of the many different trails. Life can be hard, but you can forget everything on the bike trail. Inside Comite River Park you will come across one of the most difficult trail systems that will definitely help you get over your problems, Kerry Stamey Trail System.

The Kerry Stamey Memorial Trail, eagerly waiting for you to ride it, is a mortal coil full of dead ends, roots, thorns, brush, trees, sand and gullies. If you manage to successfully negotiate with the steep ascent, root-plagued weave and hairpin turn at breakneck speed, you will avoid getting heavily injured. The trail can be characterized as a cold blooded mistress, taunting you with a wild crash and leaving you crying in the dirt.

Riding on that trail gives you the opportunity to become one with nature, passing the wind that you create and feeling it through your hair. Don’t feel disappointed, if you can’t manage to finish this trail on your first venture. This 6 mi/9.6 km trail is a single track, wedged in between the Comite River and the dredged Cypress Bayou.

The trail is just nasty and nice, easy and hard, beginner and expert, hilly and flat!!! Being a source of ecstasy, this unique single track rejoins you with nature. Come along and risk riding it, as some daring riders have done before.