Four Wheel Driving in Red Creek NOLA Offroad Park, New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Terrain size:
2 mi² / 5.1 km²
Trails length:
Over 25 mi / 40.2 km
0 - 50 ft / 0 - 15.24 m
Loose dirt, mud, hard pack, rocks, trees, water crossings, ponds, mud bogs
Per rider / camping with RV
New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, a major United States port and a metropolitan area. The city got its name by the French city Orléans, situated on the Loire River, Centre, France. New Orleans rests in the southeast of Louisiana, straddling the Mississippi River. It is bounded by the parishes of St. Bernard to the east, Jefferson to the west and south, St. Tammany to the north and Plaquemines to the south.

If you find yourself in New Orleans Louisiana, besides having fun, you can enjoy one of the most exciting off road activities, four wheel driving. The best place in New Orleans to ride your four wheeled monster is the Red Creek NOLA Offroad Park, a new park that offers over 25 mi/40.2 km of mud trails on a terrain of 2 mi²/1.5 km², also containing mud bogs and ponds.

The entire place is a huge swamp with elevation at places up to 50 ft/15.24 m. The trail’s consistency is everything you can dream of and experience if you decide to visit this amazing park. Mud, hard pack, loose dirt, rocks, many water crossings and a lot of trees, covering you on sunny days. Of course, as in every off road park, you will come across some hazards that are assumed to be marked.

Caution on riding is essential though. There is no difference if you are an experienced driver or not, there are trails specifically made for everyone. If you get lucky, you might stumble upon one of the most spectacular events that take place at the park, oval mud and drag racing. It is suggested to call if you decide to haul to find out the working hours schedule and observe or even participate in one of these events.

Keep in mind that there is a fee per rider and a camping fee if you plan to use an RV. The park has already received good critics and is waiting for your opinion. Visit this park for at least the entire day and enjoy the mud on your four wheeled vehicle.