Skiing in Mount Baldy Ski Lift, San Bernardino, California USA

Vertical drop:
2100 feet/640 meters
Top Elevation:
8600 feet/2621 meters
Base Elevation:
6500 feet/1981 meters
88 acres/3.5 m²
Mount Baldy is located in San Bernardino County, on Mount San Antonio (aka Mount Baldy), California, USA. The city is located only 45 mi/72.4 km from Los Angeles.

The resort is located only 45 mi/72.4 km from Los Angeles, being the closest resort to the city. The ski resort is the largest and steepest resort in Southern California and has 26 runs extending on 3 mountains. It has a vertical drop of 2100 ft/640 m and average annual snowfall of 170 in/431.8 cm.

Top elevation is 8600 ft/2621 m and base elevation 6500 ft/1981 m. The skiable area covers 88 ac/3.5 m², ideal for skiing. It is multi-directional, with portions of the main ski area  south or southwest-facing and other portions facing north. From the total 26 runs, 15% are for beginners, 31% for intermediates and 54% for advanced athletes.

Longest run is 2.5 mi/4 km. It has a lift system of 4 lifts. Chairs 1 and 3 were built in 1952 by Ringer Chairlifts, which went out of business two years later. The chairs featured double swiveling chairs, which allowed riders just to stand up, when unloading.

In 1975 the existing lifts were upgraded by GMD Mueller, who also built chairs 2 and 4. The resort doesn’t offer night skiing.