Bicycling / Cycling in Coast to Coast Finish, Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand

Christchurch is situated in Canterbury region of the South Island and is the second largest city of New Zealand. It represents the getaway to Antarctica, while lying next to Pegasus Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Overall the city is surrounded by Avon, Heathcote and Waimakariri Rivers, and the Canterbury Plains. The climate is considered to be temperate, with cool and mild summers (maximum temperature 23°C/73.4°F), and cold and frosty winters (temperatures fall below 0°C/32°F frequently).

One of the most popular cycling routes in Christchurch is Coast to Coast Finish. It is a challenging ride of 70.3 km/43 mi, starting from Waimakariri Gorge Road (Bexley) and finishing at Sumner Beach.

Although it is addressed to riders of all levels with good physical state, you should bear in mind that, besides its great length, there are several bumpy and uneven road sections. Actually, it is the last part of the legendary Coast to Coast Race, which starts from West Coast and ends at East Coast, taking place annually in New Zealand.

The last part of the route has spectacular views of the sea. So, just enjoy the best cycling adventure!!!