Quad Biking in Havasu Lake Motocross Park, Havasu City, Arizona USA

950 to 975 ft / 289 to 297 m
Urban, man-made
Lake Havasu is situated behind Parker Dam on the Colorado River, just on the border that joins California with Arizona.

In Lake Havasu lies a great place just for those who want to have an exciting Quad Biking experience. Havasu Lake Motocross Park is located next to Havasu 95 Speedway and offers the conditions needed for this activity.

Firstly, be aware that full size quads are not permitted in this park. Only 50cc and 90 cc quads are permitted here. Havasu Lake Motocross Park is a great urban, man-made track that sits at an elevation of 950 to 975 ft / 289 to 297 m. This park is addressed mostly to amateur riders, some novices and little experts. While riding you will come across some hazards, which are marked for your safety, and will add an extreme sense in your activity. Although, hazards are marked, please ride with caution. The park is open for practice on Wednesdays from about 6 pm to 9:45 pm.

Overnight camping is permitted only during race events, but you can find the Standard Wash and camp in the vicinity of the spot. You also have to know that spark arrestor, as well as Whip Flags are not required.

When you visit the park do not forget to bring your ATV and medical insurance with you.