Rafting in McKenzie River, Blue River, Oregon USA

River length:
90 miles (144.84 km)
McKenzie River is a river in the Cascade Range, in western Oregon.

Despite the fact that it is near the State Route, it is isolated in a deep forest, offering its visitors some quality time close to nature.

This 90 mi/144.84 km tributary river combines crystal water with beautiful nature elements, such as waterfalls and amazing view of the mountains in a forested landscape. It is appropriate for all experience levels, beginners to experts, as there are sections with tranquil water and also strong rapid parts, class III, requiring higher skills and technique. It is a play-land for many outdoor adventures. Travelers can choose from a variety of accommodation to spend the night resting from an exhausting day at the river.

Many rafting tours take place here, half day or full day from experienced guides, promising a memorable time-off of the daily routine.