Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Rogue River, Grants Pass, Oregon USA

Base elevation:
5320 ft (1621.5 m)
40 mi (64.37 km)
Rogue River is situated in southwestern Oregon, near the city of Grants Pass.

The river starts from Crater Lake, at 5320 ft/1621.5 m and goes all the way to the Pacific Ocean, at Gold Beach. The main trail, Lower Rogue River trail is 40 mi/64.37 km long, starts at Grave Creek and goes all the way to Illahe.

There are other courses that you can follow, like the Upper Rogue River trail and also some smaller ones. There are many sights to enjoy, while hiking and this is why the hiking trails at Rogue River have a high reputation. One can pass through river canyons, the  Union Creek Historic District, the Rogue Gorge and the Natural Bridge.

The hiking trails reach the shores of the river at some points and may elevate about 200 ft/60.96 m above the river at other points. In the winter time, hiking can be more challenging, as you may find several logs or bigger rocks in the middle of the trails, so more attention is needed. Several hiking schools near the area offer daily or up to 4-day excursions at the River, combining hiking and rafting. One thing is certain, hikers will find their “paradise” at Rogue River, because it is a place that combines natural beauty and adventure, as well as serenity and relaxation.