Paintball in Paintball Paradise, Bend, Oregon USA

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Paintball Paradise is a large outdoor field in Deschutes National Forest of Bend, Oregon.

It is a fantastic terrain resembling the field of a real battle. In Paintball, there are two teams, one trying to escape the capsule hits of the other and the excitement rises even more when hiding and running in a natural environment like this forest.

This game of strategy binds the people in it and keeps the player’s interest alive through its numerous variations. You can find all of these in Paintball paradise and you will definitely want to return to this outdoor playground.

The age limit is from twelve years old and over. You can rent equipment here, but note that you need to make a reservation for the date of your visit. In summer, all activities end at 2.00 p.m. You will find no problem with accommodation as there is plenty, not far from this spot.