Rock Climbing in The Callahans, Roseburg, Oregon USA

Important notice:
Private area / Permit required
Number of rocks:
2500 feet/762 m
The Callahans is a location in Southern Oregon featuring a range of sandstone cliffs and a remarkable destination for rock climbers.

Please note that this is a private area and in order to access the Callahans, you need to get a permit from Weyerhauser. However it’s worth it since there are more than 35 rocks in the area and 200 routes ready to be explored. The elevation reaches up to 2500 ft/762 m, a quite challenging height.

As you might understand, the sandstone cliffs could be fragile, but there are many courses with steady, hard rocks to choose from. The formation of the cliffs may vary even on the same route and you may have to try different techniques to make it through.

There are routes for beginners and experts and the best time to visit is in summer. Note that this is a private property, ownership of Weyerhauser Paper, so one should respect the signs and avoid blocking the gate with cars, but otherwise all climbers have access there.

Closest town is Roseburg for your accommodation and recreational needs.