Rock Climbing in Kouga Wilderness, Baviaanskloof, Eastern Cape South Africa

99 trad-lines and 15 bolted routes
Baviaanskloof area lies between the Baviaanskloof and the Kouga mountain ranges. It is approximately at 120km/74mi in the west of Port Elizabeth Town in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

The area is characterized by a marvelous craggy beauty with spectacular land forms, diverse plants and a variety of animals. The climate at the Baviaanskloof is temperate with winters similar to the Mediterranean. Rock climbing at Baviaanskloof is at the beautiful Kouga Wilderness, at 27 km/16 mi away from Jourbentina Village.

Climbs here are of multiple levels and generally graded at 10-28. Rock configuration is mainly quartzite and solid sandstone with 99 trad lines and 15 bolted routes and promising a thrilling rock climbing adventure. Main attractions here include the “1-2-1 Zulu” at grade 20, “operation Indwe” at grade 21, “Ingwe” at grade 21, “Resistance” at grade 23 and the “Unholy Terror” graded at 24.There are other simpler trad lines accomodating children and the novice.

During summer, it is advisable to start very early in the morning due to the heat after the sun comes up and then climb down later in the afternoon when there is some shade.