Mountaineering in Bidean nam Bian, Glencoe, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Very hard
Peak of the mountains
Glencoe is a small village in the Highlands of Scotland, which is situated in the heart of the glen of Glen Coe. Surrounded by mountains, it is known for the outstanding natural beauty. ''Bidean nam Bian'' is Glencoe's big challenge to all experienced mountaineers.

Bodean nam Bian is a complex mountain on the south side of Glencoe with many ridges and peaks. Being the highest point in Argyll, it has the reputation of the best of Scotland’s mountaineering. Its summit is actually hidden from ”The Three Sisters”, three steeply-sided ridges on the north of Glencoe.

Most of the mountaineers start their ascent from the car park on the foots of the Three Sisters. In summer it is recommended to get there early because of the limited parking space. There are many routes starting from Glencoe and running through the Three Sisters. The most common is between the first two sisters and leads to the ”hidden valley”, a valley that is impossible to be seen from anywhere else, unless someone walks through it.

Bodean nam Bian is considered a tough undertaking and should only be attempted by experts in mountaineering. The ground is steep and rocky and there are many sections of steep scree, even at the commonly-used paths. The accessibility from the south is really hard, so it is rarely chosen by practitioners. If you take the challenge, don’t miss the chance to reach Stob Coire Sgreamhach, another subsidiary peak of Bodean nam Bian, which lies just at 0.5 km/546.81 yd in the the southeast.