Mountain Climbing in Mount Shasta, Redding, California USA

Technical Challenges:
Minimum to most routes
Mount Shasta is located in northern California, east of Interstate 5 along SR89, between Mount Shasta city and McCloud city, California, USA.

Mount Shasta is inside Shasta – Trinity National Forest. Mount Shasta is the second highest volcano in the Cascade Range. Mountain climbing in Mount Shasta is a mental, physical and technical challenge. If you are motivated for the specific event, in good physical condition and well trained for climbing, you are at the right place.

Choose an appropriate climb for your skills and go for it. Mount Shasta is a cascade volcano, so it is best climbed with snow to minimize hazards and gain most suitable conditions. Technical challenges are minimal on most routes. Five routes are the most popular for climbing.

The first one is Avalanche Gulch, being the most popular one, because John Muir Route is the most direct route up. It is best climbed with a lot of snow, preferably May-July. It is a route for all climber levels. The second one is The West Face, which is one of Mount Shasta’s most beautiful base camps.

It is a moderate trail and a great alternative to Avalanche Gulch. The third is Hotlum – Bolam Ridge – Northeast Side on Mount Shasta’s north side, which is an alpine playground. It has eight glaciers, including Whitney Glacier, the largest in California. If you are looking for an introduction to glacier climbing, this is the one.

The fourth is Gasaval Ridge and the choice of climbers on winter and early season. It is a climb for experienced climbers, steep, exposed and stunning. Last but not least is Hotlum Glacier. It is the most visually interesting glacier. This is an ideal training court for climbers with bigger aspirations than Denali and Mount Rainier.