Mountain Climbing in Ama Dablam Mountain, Khumbu, Nepal

33 days
Maximum altitude:
6812 m/22349 ft
Grade 5
Spring - Autumn
Ama Dablam Mountain is a mountain situated in the Himalaya range of eastern Nepal. Its name means Mother’s necklace and it is the third most popular Himalayan summit for permitted expeditions.

Ama Dablam, also known as Amai Dablang was first climbed in the year of 1961 by Mike Gill -NZ, Wally Romanes -NZ, Barry Bishop -USA and Mike Ward -UK and the venture was made via the Southwest Ridge.

The snow capped peak  is very challenging and lies at an altitude of 6812 m/22349 ft. The peak dominates the eastern sky for anyone who decides trekking to Mountain Everest base camp. As the most popular mountain for expeditions, Ama Dablam is perfect for mountain climbing.

A local school organizes the perfect experience for the daring ones, who want to conquer the summit of this glorious mountain. The guides will take you to one of the most popular routes, the Southwest Ridge.

Climbers learn how to set up three camps along the ridge with the third camp being to the right and below the hanging glacier. Typically, any ice that calves off the glacier goes left, away from the camp. In 2006 an avalanche proved otherwise though.

One of the previous expeditions of the local school to this peak made base camp at 4770 m/15650 ft, camp 1 at 5800 m/19028 ft, camp 2 at 6075 m/19931 ft, camp 3 at 6400 m/20997 ft and then summit with great success!

Trekking back to the base camp on this famed mountain is stunning! The biggest part of the route is fixed with rope, so as to allow safe passage and tents are used for overnight.

If you are an adventurous type, Ama Dablam Mountain guarantees a tour you will always remember!!!