Mountain Biking in Pitfichie Forest, Aberdeenshire, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

White route:
8.1 mi /14 km
Red route:
3 sub trails
Pitfichie Forest is 45 minutes away from Aberdeen city. It is considered as one of the best biking routes in the Scottish peninsula.

There are maps provided by the local authorities and there are clearly marked routes mapped in the entrance of the site. You have the choice to select, the white route and the red route. The first one is the easiest one and it is 14 km/8 mi long.

The red route contains 3 sub-trails and it obviously features more rough conditions and demands more experience and better equipment. Cairn William and Pitfichie hills are two places where once you reach the peak, you can enjoy the magnificent view the spot gives in.

You can come across granite sections with purposed built jumps and other natural objects. There is a huge car park where you can park your car, free of charge. Unfortunately, there are no other services such as coffee shops, bike repair, toilets etc., but you can find them nearby.