Surfing in Sango Sands, Durness, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Level :
3 out of 10
Visiting :
All year round
Hazard :
Watch out for the rocks outside the bay
Sango Sands, located on the Northern side of Highlands, forms together with other spots one of the most attractive destinations for Surfing and other activities. If you want rough waters and spectacular nature, just try this place.

Sango Sands is located in the north of Scotland Highland. This is an isolated place, which forms a natural inlet with limited space. Surfers mostly pick this beach, as the wind here is constant.

Due to the rough conditions, your surfing skills should correspond to those of an expert while the experienced surfers would find some really big waves and swell. As far as wind direction is concerned, the best direction is south and southwest with a swell starting its rise from 1.5 m/4 ft and reaching up to 2.5 m/8 ft. Try to catch up while the tide is changing and when it is mid to low.

As mentioned before, get prepared to meet naturally fast waves that will hit you from left and right while most of the times waves serve as beach breakers. All the above characteristics will give you a 150 m/492 ft run length, during a good day. So, don’t wait any longer, just come and tame these big waves!!!