Mountain Biking in Troodos Square Trail, Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

Skill level:
Intermediate and advanced
Best season:
May to October
Elevation gain:
Trail lenght:
Troodos is located in the center of Cyprus and is the highest mountain range on the island. With its highest peak reaching up to 6404 ft/1952 m above sea level, Troodos boasts amazing landscapes, many ancient Byzantine monasteries and beautiful forests and rivers with rich and rare flora and fauna.

Due to the natural environment, climate and cultural heritage, Troodos is a major attraction for tourists and a great place for many outdoor activities. The climate on the mountains is Mediterranean, usually with hot and dry summers and an average temperature of 28°C/82.4°F and cold and wet winters with an average temperature of 3°C/37.4°F and frequent snowfalls.

This place is a playground for the mountain bike enthusiasts and offers an endless network of trails for all ages and skill levels. One of the favorite trails followed by mountain bikers is the Troodos Square Trail. Starting from Troodos square, the route is 23.5 mi/37.8 km long – one way – and takes you all the way up to the Agios Nikolaos monastery at a maximum altitude of 5679 ft/1730 m.

As you bike through the pine clad forests, the trail leads you onto incredible twin and single track routes, as well as many exposed areas, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the island. Troodos Square Trail can be ridden all year round. However, the best season is from May to October, when you can admire the blooming nature and find the perfect getaway from the extreme coastal heat waves during summer. So get ready to enjoy a great ride and once you reach the end of the trail, a fantastic downhill is everything you need to end your adventure on Troodos Mountains for the day!