Jet Skiing in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

Best season:
All year round
Skill level :
Beginners and advanced
Fort Lauderdale's city is located on the southeast coast of Florida State, between Palm Beach and Miami. Commonly known as the "Venice of America" and being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean with numerous scenic inland waterways, this place is a paradise for visitors and home to many outdoor activities for all ages and skill levels.

Despite the fact that the area is located outside the tropics, it features a tropical rain forest climate with hot and humid summers with an average temperature of 86–90°F (30–32°C)  and warm and dry winters with an average temperature of  75–82°F (24–28°C).

One of the thrilling and very exciting activities provided on the spot is jet skiing. With wide open space and fun waves to ride, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the sea and the sun away from the crowded beaches and discover the beautiful coastline of Fort Lauderdale. You can also arrange jet ski tours where experienced guides take you around places within the wonderful canals as well as zones with no speed limit where you can enjoy freestyle jet skiing and play with the waves.

Participants should be over 22 years old and hold a valid drivers license in order to rent a jet ski. Otherwise, for those 18 years old and over, a boater education safety card is requested. If you don’t have any of the above, you can always enjoy a high speed ride with someone else by renting a jet ski, suitable for up to three persons.